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100% DOC(G) Wines, personally selected by us
and sent straight to your door

Only 100 limited members

Unique and hard to find wines internationally

Limited production labels

Personally selected and sent straight “to your door”

Shipping costs included

No automatic yearly renewals/no commitment


Ciao a tutti! As you may have heard us talk about during our tours here in Barolo or during one of my trips home to California, we are finally ready to release our highly anticipated Barolo Wine Club.

The Barolo Wine Club will be limited to only 100 members!

The reason for such limited members is to guarantee you a selection of unique and small production labels. The first 100 people to sign up for our Barolo Wine Club will get to experience this special offer!

By joining our Club, you will receive personally selected shipments of wines that are hard to find in the international market, shipped straight to your door Some will be ready to find their place in your cellar or uncorked and ready to drink right away! You will have special access to our page with winemaker videos and tasting notes for each specific wine you receive to help you learn about these special wines from the locals. If you would like to re-order any wines you particularly loved, and they are still available, just let us know and we can take care of that! Your membership will expire on Jan.1st, 2020 with no obligation to renew (of course we would be thrilled if you wanted to discover more wines the following year!).

Throughout the year we will only select the best expressions of wine from this territory, constantly searching for special labels limited to a max of 5,000/6,000 bottles per year. These wines will be chosen from wineries producing a max quantity of 50,000-60,000 bottles per year, to make your membership more meaningful.

How does the Barolo Wine Club Work?

2 shipments of 6 bottles (Spring & Fall).

In each shipment: Guaranteed 3 DOCGS of Barolo, Barbaresco & Roero + 3 unique finds/every day wines.

Price: 600 EUROS for yearly membership.

If you sign up now with this small deposit, you will be one of the 100 lucky members who can benefit from all the following advantages of being in the Wine Club:

Unique small production labels with winemaker videos and tasting notes to help you learn!

Special offers throughout the year to members only in limited quantities of Riservas, mini horizontals of different crus, or mini verticals with an educational focus.

Your own local “personal wine shopper” available to find special bottles specifically requested by you

To give you a peek into the first shipment ready to go out next Spring, we have chosen the theme of “Shades of Nebbiolo”. All 6 bottles will be made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, but each one much different than the other. Besides the 3 DOCG wines of Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero from the vintages 2012,2013,2014, you will receive 1 Nebbiolo d’Alba Sparkling Rose Metodo Classico, 1 Langhe Nebbiolo in stainless steel only and 1 Nebbiolo d’Alba aged 18 months in oak to show you the fascinating personalities of Nebbiolo and help you learn about this amazing grape varietal.

Sneak peak into the first shipment (THEME- Shades of Nebbiolo)

1 NEBBIOLO SPARKLING ROSÈ DOC 2015-Classic Method 36 months on lees.

1 LANGHE NEBBIOLO DOC 2016-Stainless Steel.

1 NEBBIOLO D’ALBA DOC 2016-20 M. Oak.

1 BARBARESCO DOCG 2014-24 M. Oak.

1 BAROLO DOCG 2013-24 M. Oak, T.b.p. 92 pts. & Wine Enthusiast 94 pts.

1 ROERO DOCG 2012-18 M. Oak.