Rump Steak With Radicchio and Potatoes Recipe froim “La Cantinetta” – Verduno

Don’t be fooled by this simple cafè’s exterior! Emiliano Burlotto and his wife Victoria have transformed this simple local’s lunch spot into a gourmet haven! In the sleepy town of Verduno, you can find La Cantina, a family run business with a Cheers – like quality, where everyone knows your name. We consider this a hidden gem, off the tourist path where you can find wine makers and local regulars who enjoy their  fantastic wine list and creative menu.

Boffa Barolo Capalot 2015

Although the restaurant is technically in Verduno village, it is on the road up to La Morra, where Boffa winery is located. Cristian Boffa winery is also off the radar and one of the smallest wineries in Barolo! So we Boffa’s Barolo Capalot would be a perfect match for La Cantina’s rump steak dish. We featured this wine in our Spring 2020 Mixed Selection as well as the Barolo & Barbaresco Selection. This particular Barolo is aromatic with fine linear tannins. A fruity and elegant young Barolo like this, pairs perfectly with the protein from the steak but also with the crunchy bell pepper salad and radicchio sides. 


  • 220 g/7-8 oz rump sirloin
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 pat of unsalted butter
  • Barolo reduction: 25 cl/1 cup of Barolo and 1 tsp of sugar
  • 1 friggitello (green sweet chili pepper)
  • 3-4 new potatoes cut in half
  • 1 radicchio
  • pan juice with vegetables and spices
  • sea salt


Clean and cut away all the white hard part of the radicchio leaving you with just the red leaves, put in a bowl with olive oil, salt, pepper and 2 teaspoons of sugar, balsamic vinegar 10 CL/ 1/2 cup.  

Close in a ziploc bag allowing no air inside and allow to ferment for 1-3 days. If you can’t find radicchio use Tropea red onions.


Wash new potatoes and cut in half. Boil for 4 minutes on a high flame. Put in an oven tray and dress with salt, oil, pepper, rosemary, garlic cloves and a pat of butter. 30 minutes before you are ready to eat the steak, put in the oven at 200-220C (390-400F) for 20 minutes.


Put Barolo in a sauce pan with sugar and reduce it until you get a glazed consistency. 


Clean the friggitelli (green small peppers), cut them in julienne strips and then dice, dress with oil, salt, pepper and a balsamic vinegar glaze. 


Get the frying pan ready with olive oil, salt and pepper and wait until the oil starts to smoke a bit 190° (375F). Sear the steak on each side to favor the closure of the pores, adding then 1 pat of butter covering the steak for 1 minute so you can achieve a light crust (shiny brown color).

Finish the cooking in a convection oven with ventilator at 180° (355F) for :

  • 4 min – rare 
  • 6 min – medium rare
  • 10 min – medium

(this is an approximation and depends on the size of the steak)

Advice from the chef:  The chef makes his own bone broth 1 or 2 days before by toasting the bones with herbs in the oven on highest temp for 20 min. Then he reduces water, bones etc. to make a nice gravy for the meat.

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