Cognà or cugnà depending on where you live is a delicious mix between a jam and a chutney. It is an old recipe from the Langhe in Piemonte where locals would take hard Fall fruit like quince, madernassa pears and rennet apples and reduce them with leftover grape must. From my experience, usually Dolcetto was used.

It is cooked with spices and nuts for up to 48 hours. This is a spiced taste of the Fall and I thought it could be a great alternative to an American cranberry sauce if you are looking for an Italian twist for Thanksgiving!


-Serve with turkey or boiled meats like a cranberry sauce.
-Serve on polenta
-Serve on soft Piemontese cheeses like Robiola or Toma
Each family has their own secret recipe so if you want to try Cascina delle Grazie you can find it in our Thanksgiving Food Selection here.


Because Cognà is just a condiment, it really depends on what you are eating. I would pair the wine that matches the grape must in the cognà which is usually Dolcetto.

If you are eating with cheeses or polenta or even roasted turkey, you could pair it with one of our Dolcettos from our website and in our Thanksgiving special pack such as:

Roddolo – Dolcetto d’Alba 2016 which is rustic, deep and dark with spice. This old school producer is the perfect personality to match with an old fashioned food like Cognà!