Fried Porcini Mushrooms Recipe

Chef Luca Angolo della Rosina – Novello

Angolo della Rosina is a husband and wife team, located in the Novello village (Barolo production area). Luca, the chef, was named by Forbes, as making one of the best dishes of tajarin in the area! When we want mushrooms, we always choose this place. They specialize in the best fried porcini and mushroom pastas. So which wine are we pairing with summer mushrooms?

What makes Italian food so great is that the cuisine is simple but the ingredients are high quality and tasty. We are lucky to live in a place where fresh porcinis grow but you could even use button mushrooms or perhaps portobellos.


The long aging on the lees of this structured wine go great with the hearty flavors of mushrooms with the bubbles cutting the fat and refreshing the palate.  We decided to feature Chef Luca from their small restaurant in Novello (one of the Barolo villages) because this is our go-to spot for delicious fresh mushroom dishes. Their porcini tajarin is amazing but their fried porcinis are unforgettable!


Fresh mushrooms
Panko breadcrumbs
Peanut Oil


Clean the mushrooms by scraping off the dirt or if they are very dirty, you can rinse with a small amount of water but when working with mushrooms, the less water the better.

Cut mushrooms in 1/2 cm slices

Bread the mushrooms with egg and panko breadcrumbs

Heat the oil very hot and fry, flipping them often until they are a nice golden color.

Drain, and blot with paper towl

Sprinkle salt

and Voila!