Pesto Filled Ravioli With Potato Cream and Green Beans Recipe

Chef Margherita | Trés  – Trezzo Tinella

We met Margherita when she was just a city girl, a food blogger living in Torino. Soon after, her passion for cooking became a career and before you know it, her whole family left their jobs and school to follow this dream! Ahhh how I love a success story! This tiny restaurant called Très, is an off the beaten path treasure. Located in the Alta Langa above Barbaresco, you will be welcomed with big smiles and exquisite food. Your jaw will drop as you wonder whether this casual restaurant is not really a secret Michelin Star!?

Le Piane – Bianko (Erbaluce)

Margherita and husband Luca have chosen a vegetarian fresh pasta recipe to pair with our Le Piane Bianko wine from the Whites & Mixed Piemonte Selection from our Spring shipment. This dish is summery yet rich – exactly like the wine! Pesto is a great sauce to go with mineral whites yet the fresh pasta calls for something a bit richer, like an Erbaluce aged lightly in oak.



– 400 grams ( 2 cups) of all-purpose flour

– 300 grams ( 1 1/4 cups) of egg yolks (approx. 12 yolks)


Fresh basil, Pine nuts, Parmesan, Salt, Extra virgin olive oil.


– 250 grams (1 Large Russet) potato

– 100 ml (1/2 cup heavy cream)


– Handful of green beans

*What do I do with all those egg whites? You can definitely use the egg whites for meringues for dessert or you can use a traditional fresh pasta recipe (1 egg for every 100 grams)


You can make the pesto and boiled/blanched green beans ahead of time.

Use mortar and pestle ( or a blender is fine) and throw in a few handfuls of basil and a spoon of pine nuts. Add enough oil to get a smooth pesto with less olive oil so the filling doesn’t get too runny. Add parmesan and salt to your liking. Boil salted water and throw in the green beans. Cook for 5 minutes and drain and set aside. Pasta: Boil salted water in a pot for the peeled potatoes. While the water boils and the potatoes cook you can start to make the pasta. When the potatoes are done, drain water and keep hot in the pot.

Make a mound of flour with a well on top. Add egg yolks and mix first with fork. Then start kneading the mixture until it is smooth and elastic. Put pasta through the pasta maker, making the sheets as thin as possible.
Use ravioli molds or a cup for circle shaped pasta or a knife to cut squares in the sheets. Put pesto filling in sheet and close with another sheet. If it is too dry try adding some water on the edges to seal the ravioli well. Puree: the still hot potatoes with the cream in a blender adding salt to your liking
Cook pasta in salted water for a few minutes and drizzle with olive oil when they are done
In the center of the plate scoop the potato pure and place the ravioli on top with the green beans and basil as a garnish.

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