Piedmont wines include so much more than just big complex Barolo and Barbarescos! Many Piemontese varietals are great for drinking in the hot summer months and I would like to share those with you and suggest some summer food pairings to go along with them. If you are interested in purchasing any of these wines from us please let us know with an email.


Alta Langa is a relatively new DOCG in Italy which is dedicated entirely to Traditional Method sparkling wines from the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. This is our local alternative to champagne with most of the Alta Langas being made up of Chardonnay a/o Pinot Noir. There can be 10% of another non aromatic variety added although this is rarely done. The wine must stay on the lees for at least 30 months!
Pairing: Fried calamari or vegetable flan
Shop: Giribaldi Alta Langa Extra Brut DOCG (EMAIL US: info@barolowineclub.com)


Not having a local DOC or a DOCG of its own, this wine is classified as Vino Spumante di Qualità which is a general discipline for sparkling wines. When you drink a sparkling traditional method Nebbiolo rosato, you can usually taste the structure and characteristics of austere Nebbiolo. This means that you can drink it throughout an entire meal and save the Barolos and Barbarescos for the Fall.

Pairing: Seafood risotto or grilled octopusS
Shop: VSQ Giuseppe Nada Extra Brut Spumante (Nebbiolo)


The “white Nebbiolo” as it is sometimes called, can be delicious in the summer because of its stone fruit and pear aromas. The sandy soil once covered by the sea can give the wine a touch of mineral flavors. This varietal is native to Roero but can also be found in Langhe. It is a white, easy to love with medium body without extreme acidity making this a very versatile summer white.

Pairing: Chicken Caesar Salad or asparagus with honey mustard sauce

Shop: Giacomo Fenocchio Roero Arneis 2020


More and more producers are keeping up with the demand for rose’ wines which are called rosato in Italian. Most are made from local varieties like Dolcetto and Barbera but Nebbiolo is definitely the favorite! If you don’t like the overly sweet and fruity rosatos, then this is the style for you. Nebbiolo’s tannins and structure can be perceived even here, making them a great choice for an entire meal out on the patio on a summer evening.

Pairing : Sushi

Shop: Tenute Sella Rosato made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes from the Lessona area of Northern Piemonte (email us info@barolowineclub.com


Yes, Dolcetto is a traditional and rustic red that is usually drunk with salami and cheese. However, due to its lower alcohol and fruity nature, it can also be slightly chilled. There is a rumor that Madonna was drinking chilled dolcetto on a yacht in the Mediterranean and since then, the idea of Dolcetto as a wine versatile enough for the summer has now become quite acceptable!
Pairing: Vegetable Frittata or veal tartare
Shop: Try up and coming Dolcetto star, Nicholas Altare, Dogliani made in concrete
We hope you enjoy our suggestions and will be able to try some of these wines from Piemonte soon!