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From the Mixed Piedmont + Barolo & Barbaresco Selection

barbaresco bordini 2016

We chose this Barbaresco Bordini 2016 from Fontanabianca, top vineyard cru as well as top vintage! The family has a long history of making wine, with their first Bordini being 1970. What makes this wine special is the sunny location, old vines and limestone soils giving you an elegant wine with finesse. 2016 was nearly a perfect vintage and it was on this year they decided to ferment and macerate skins in an oak vessel called TINO. We are so excited for you to learn about this wine and taste this wine in our Barolo Wine Club!


Due to the covid 19 emergency we were not able to provide you with printed materials in the shipments this fall. They will be provided in the fall shipments (we hope!) and in the meantime you can find all the tech sheets here! 




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From the Mixed Piedmont + Barolo & Barbaresco Selection

barolo capalot 2015

Young Cristian Boffa and his father debut their first single cru bottling with Capalot 2015 and we got our hands on an order from just about 70 cases total produced! He is new on the scene but I am sure we will be hearing about him more in the future. Just because he is new, doesn’t mean they don’t have experience. With enological training and working many years at a famous winery as well as renting out their vineyards to other winemakers, the team is finally ready to go. We are proud to have this Barolo in our selection because it is super rare and we love giving visibility to great humble people like the Boffa family from La Morra. 


From the White, Rose & Sparkling Selection

rose’ brut valsellera “classic method”

Fabrizio carries on a long wine making tradition in the Langhe Piemonte, focusing primarily on Nebbiolo for Barbaresco. BUT… his grandfather started making his own sparkling Nebbiolo in the 50s, thanks to his love for Champagne! This wine is called Valsellera because it is named after the valley from where it comes. Fabrizio talks about the challenges of making a high quality sparkling wine from the Nebbiolo grape and tells us about his family! 


From the Mixed Piedmont + Barolo & Barbaresco Selection

barolo brunate  2014

Claudio Boggione transmits joy and passion for making his one and only wine, Barolo. His Barolo wine is made from estate owned grapes from the Brunate single “cru” vineyard located in the Barolo village. He is a traditionalist winemaker, part of the Green Experience and takes pride in his wine. Only 7,000 – 8,000 bottles total made, all of which are Barolo. It is very difficult to find his wines considering the small production size. Here we talk about the 2014 vintage and the location of his vineyard in the Barolo. This is a silky full bodied wine with smooth tannins yet bright fruit. With time in the glass you can taste the underbrush and forest floor, reminiscent of the damp vintage. One of the best 14s I have tasted!


From the White, Rose & Sparkling selection

riesling “herzu” 2018

Ettore Germano is a well known winery in the Barolo region, but they have made a name for themselves with their whites and sparkling as well! This Riesling is grown in the “Alta Langa” on the border of Langhe, different than the Barolo area thanks to its rocky soil and altitude. Barolo Wine Club chose this wine as a special wine for their Whites & Sparkling Case in the selection in the Spring shipment 2020.


From the Mixed Piedmont Selection

dolcetto d’alba  2018

Rizzi winery is named after the “cru” or the hillside where it is located in the town of Treiso. Now known for Barbaresco, it was once known as being special for the grape varietal Dolcetto. We have chosen Dolcetto d’Alba from here to express the best of the grape, red juicy fruits, fragrant, easy to drink. This is an easy drinking red that goes great with egg based dishes or even pizza!


From the Mixed Piedmont + White, Rose & Sparkling Selection

bianko 2018 

We love finding rare wines and sharing them with our members. The winery, more well known for their Nebbiolo called Boca, north of Piemonte, Italy near Lake Orta and Maggiore, also makes other every day wines from ancient local vines. One of these (Vino Bianko) is Erbaluce, normally a crisp white aged in stainless steel from Northern Piemonte and more specifically collocated with the Caluso town. Le Piane winery is not inside of this designated area and therefore they can only call their Erbaluce, Vino Bianco. Here are a few things that make this wine truly unique:

  • Coming from volcanic soils
  • 100 year old vines
  • The wine is made with no technology leading the winemakers to learn from the past. For this reason, the grapes are pressed softly in a basket press, with whole cluster fermentation in large oak and concrete.
  • This wine is made with extremely low sulfite content.

Watch the video to learn more!!!

PODERI COLLA – S. Rocco Seno d’Elvio

From the Mixed Piedmont + White, Rose & Sparkling Selection

extra brut “classic method”

Pietro Colla from the Colla family (who made wine for over 300 years) worked with Italians who were lucky to have had experiences in France, in the Champagne area. It had always been a hobby to experiment with making sparkling wines from his own grapes, but it also became his job to work with Gancia, famous Asti sparkling producer where he could use his expertise. Pinot Noir is an unusual grape to find here in the Langhe, and Colla’s vines are some of the oldest thanks to his passion for “Champagne style” wines







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