I know your first thought might be related to our new normal pandemic lifestyle but no, I am talking about wine! Many of us have had that “AHA” wine moment which changed our minds about wine forever.

I can definitely remember mine! Can you?


In 2009 I remember a small restaurant in my Italian hometown whose sommelier suggested I try a bottle of Barbaresco from a single vineyard called Asili. I decanted and then the magic happened when I tasted it. It was so good, my husband and I drank the whole bottle and I started inviting old friends through Facebook messenger to our wedding! I admit, I was a little drunk but reconnected to long lost mates who actually came to my Italian wedding. So not only did this wine blow my mind, but it has sentimental value alongside a funny story. Never would I have thought that one day I would be giving tours of Barbaresco and offering power point presentations on this wine!

Nebbiolo lovers have a problem. Once you get hooked, you can never go back to what you were drinking before! So here is why we believe that Nebbiolo based wines are the best:

  • The bouquet – Nebbiolo has a huge spectrum of aromas ranging from roses and violets to red fruits like strawberry and raspberry spanning even as far out as licorice and tar.
  • Tannins – We love the grip of the tannins as they scratch your tongue and cheeks, making an impact, letting you know it is there.
  • Versatility – With lighter “Langhe Nebbiolo” versions or more northern sites, you can find lighter wines that can even go with fish, or structured Barolos that need hearty braised meats to pair.
  • Longevity – If you don’t have a fast pace of drinking, with Nebbiolo there is no hurry. He is patient and will reward you whether it is drunk upon release, after 10 years, or even 30! Also if you can’t finish a bottle, it is slow to oxidize so you can leave it with a cork on the counter and it might even get better the next day or even the third day!
  • Personalities – Nebbiolo picks up on the slightest differences in terroir giving you all kinds of personalities and styles of wines that are changing and evolving dramatically year after year. This makes it a grape that I never get tired of.

This week we actually went and visited a new family run winery in Barbaresco, Grasso Fratelli in Treiso. They are two brothers who always work side by side and bring you back to the old school world of winemakers in the region. We tasted their single vineyard Barbarescos and reserves including a San Stunet 2013 Riserva, Vallegrande 2009 and also a very special 2004. Spoiler Alert: We decided that we will include one of these wines in this year’s wine club selection and we are super excited! Which one will it be?

If you would like to have access to wines like these and explore unique expressions of Nebbiolo, maybe you will also have your “AHA” moment! SIGN UP FOR OUR 2021 CLUB (We only have a few spots open)