The new year brings a new vintage to the table for Barolo! As you probably know by now, we always eagerly await the Grandi Langhe tasting event in Torino to get the first taste of the new vintages.

We already knew that 2020 was going to be fantastic as the this is one of the best vintage trios (2019, 2020,2021) in a while. I am going to give you some info about the vintage in terms of weather and impressions we had from our tastings so far.


END OF THE WINTER – Rather mild winter with no extremes.

SPRING – February, March and April were also mild with little rain and very sunny days! (We remember well as we were locked down in our apartment looking out at the beautiful days we could have been outside!) At this point the vegetation seemed precocious. However in May (when we were finally able to go out!) everything changed there were many rainy days that also presented themselves in June. Although this was disappointing for us it was crucial to for the hydric reserves and delaying the growth in the vineyards.

SUMMER – No extreme conditions with a mild summer with no hail or thunderstorms.

FALL – Cool September nights helped accumulate the polyphenols in the Nebbiolo. Ripening in September was gradual until the first half of October. Most likely because of the rains in the spring and vegetation, the Nebbiolo maintained a nice acidity.


While Grandi Langhe was challenging last year with its young 2019 Barolos being presented and important tannic structure, this year was much easier. There was a great homogeneity in the quality of the wine. They were opulent, fruity, expressive without aggressive tannins.

This is going to be such a fantastic vintage that I find super open and approachable now but that will also have some longevity. For some reason I ended up tasting a couple of Barolos from Monforte and tried to focus this time on names I didn’t know. We are really excited about these wines and we are sure you will love them.

Many producers however, did bring their 2019s since many of the 20s were just recently bottled and still very young. I admit that the 19s I tasted were the ones that stood out to me because they had so much nerve and energy! That is my palate though, by now numb to the tannins:) Below are some of the wines we tasted.



Barolo Comune del Castiglione Falletto 2019 – Spicy, licorice, cherry with long persistence

Barolo Parussi 2020 (2,000 btt) – Fermentation in tino for 35 days, floral, elegant

Barolo Villero 2016 – Balsamico, mint, leather, nice acidity with long persistent finish with mineral and ferrous notes.


Barolo Bussia 2020 – Vines 80 years old. Violets, very fresh on the nose and palate, good acidity and integrated tannin.


Barolo Lazzarito 2020 – First vintage of Lazzarito because it was previously put into their Comune di Serralunga.  A bit musty, rustic and spicy.

Barolo Gabutti 2020 – Muscular and tannic, a bit heavy style.

Barolo Margheria 2020 – Cleaner more elegant nose, with coffee and chocolate but lean on the palate


Barolo Parussi 2020 – Full bodied and structured with sweet spices on the nose with very long finish.


Barolo del Comune di La Morra 2020 (Combo of vineyards Boiolo & Annunziata)  – Sweet nose of red cherries and orange rind, good acidity.

Barolo Bricco Ambrogio 2018 – Delicate nose, balanced and easy drinking all the way around.


Barolo del Comune di Monforte 2020 – Lots of energy, rose petals, good acidity.

Barolo Ravera di Monforte 2020 – Important tannins with notes of herbs like Marjoram and Thyme

Barolo Mosconi 2020 – Beautifully open nose with cherries and spice.


Barolo Neirane 2020 – Lean on the palate with citrus notes of lemon and bergamot peel, roses, tree bark, pepper with good acidity. Juicy on the palate. A very unique Barolo

Barolo La Serra 2020 – Tar and ripe stawberries and roses with a bit of licorice. Super classic round and open. Easy to drink but with a fine tannin.


Barolo Brunate 2020 – Don’t really have any tasting notes because he is so nice we just joked around the whole time but the 2020 I remember was round and soft full of red fruits. Very approachable!

Overall, we really loved this vintage and it will be a Barolo that everyone can appreciate! If you would like to try some of the new vintages, sign up for our wine club!