Freisa is one of Piemonte’s most ancient and traditional grapes believed to have originated in the Monferrato area. When wine was not taken so seriously, Freisa was accepted and consumed as a simple fruity and slightly fizzy wine to wash down meals. It is a rustic wine with lots of juicy fruit but it naturally also has tannins and acid which is why it was often left with some residual sugar. It nearly disappeared with the popularity of Barbera and Nebbiolo but is starting to find its place in the market. There are many different styles you can find ranging from sweet, dry and fizzy to a more Nebbiolo / Barolo like style. Freisa is also considered a one of Nebbiolo’s only known relatives!


Bartolo Mascarello, one of the most historic family run wineries in Barolo, doesn’t need much of an introduction. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find and afford their Nebbiolo and Barolo but luckily you can taste their other wines at a slightly more accessible price! Their Dolcetto and Barbera are more what you would expect … but the fun wild card is the… Langhe Freisa!


To be honest you never know what you are going to get when you open this fun and funky bottle! At first there will be a bit of fizz and could either be clean and fruity or spicy and rustic. As it gets air, the wine starts to transform into a still wine, where you start to notice the muscle and complexity. The clichè pairing for this wine could be a meat and vegetable topped pizza like sausage and onions. It is a fascinating experience to taste this Freisa coming from the Barolo area and giving you a taste of the past.

100% Pure Freisa

Fermentation in stainless steel with slight refermentation in the bottle.

Spicy aromas of forest fruit, raspberries and cranberries. With air, pepper and chocolate and mint start to come out. * Sometimes the first smell will be earthy and funky but just give it air and this will/should change


Slightly effervescent with big body and structure but always with elegance.