Every visit and tasting at Trediberri in La Morra is memorable. You never know what to expect! One visit stands out to me. I clearly remember being in the vineyard with one of our wine club members back in 2018 when Nicola was cursing about how rainy the spring was and how hard it was to ration the organic certification’s limited amount of copper and sulfur they could use in the vineyard. I saw Nick very distraught and worried about the vintage. 4 years later, despite his doubt, this is considered one of his best Barolos yet and was featured in our Fall 2022 club selection!


When a winemaker cares so much about the quality and respecting the vintage rather than chasing paper… they make decisions like Nicola did. Usually he blends  parcels with the majority of Nebbiolo coming from the Berri vineyard for the classic Barolo and keeps the best from the Rocche dell’Annunziata MGA cru for his single vineyard bottling which is much more powerful. In 2018, because of the classic’s lack of depth due to the rains, he decided to blend all the parcels of their vineyards together including approximately 30% of Rocche del Annunziata in just one Barolo. This gave it that much needed backbone that you can feel in the 2018.

This sole Barolo was released as Comune di La Morra. Comune di La Morra is like a village wine coming from different parcels or crus but all from the same village. This was a bold and intelligent move on their part because it is delicious!


Nicola told our group that he had a lot of doubts obviously about this vintage based on the weather conditions.

The 2018s he thinks can be characterized by a very well integrated tannin and finesse with a forward front palate and nice finish. It could be lacking a bit on the mid-palate but this makes them incredibly drinkable and dangerous to drink (you will drink the whole bottle easily!).

The refreshing acidity should give it some cellaring potential as well! Like all their wines, the most important thing is purity of the grapes. They did a great job with this one!


I just opened a bottle of this for the Epiphany holiday in Italy which was comprised of a classic hearty Piemontese meal. It included, fonduta vol-au-vents, ravioli, lentils and cotechino. When I was trying to choose the wine (thinking maybe older Barolo) my gut told me to go with something refreshing that would cut all the fats yet be stuctured enough to hold up to the meal. It was the perfect Barolo that even my father in law enjoyed! (he is more of an old school rustic Dolcetto and Barbera drinker). On Trediberri’s website they also recommend cheesy dishes like Raclette or spicy Thai or Indian dishes!

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Watch the video of our visit to Trediberri where he talks about the 2018 Barolo here.