Best New Barolo Wine Map, the “Map Man” Does It Again!


Whoever has been to the Langhe for wine tasting knows how omnipresent and fundamental the topographic maps of the MGAs (menzione geografica aggiuntiva) are.  Locally these land parcels are more commonly called “crus” but France will not allow the use of this official term despite the idea being pratically the same. I always find it shocking that all this interest in the single vineyards, which seems so important nowadays, was only made official in 2010!

So who was the genius who dedicated the last 15 years to studying every geological detail and piece of history in order to put these maps together?

His name is Alessandro Masnaghetti, otherwise known as “the Mapman.” He started with mapping out Barbaresco in the early 90s and then moved to Barolo. From there, he created an app which allowed the user to tap on the vineyard and receive the stats related to that piece of land. I used this on many of my tours as a handy way to visualize the MGAs.  For the most extreme wine geeks, he also published 3 volumes of Barolo books & 1 Barbaresco book which I call “The Barolo & Barbaresco Bibles”. They are written with so much detail that even I, at times, have to take breaks and rest my brain! But now, he has finally come up with a fun and informative virtual tool, allowing you to see both the interactive map and the information on real life images of the vineyards!


In times like these when everything is virtual, instruments like the 360 map, transport you to Barolo where you can explore the land as you sip your wine (hopefully through our Barolo Wine Club). You cannot be a true Barolo lover or connoisseur without consulting and studying the Mapman’s masterpieces. I have his book beside my bed and read it with more pleasure than any fictional novel! Last, but not least, I feel lucky to know Alessandro personally. He has always been so generous and personable despite his fame! Once I sat right next to him at a Barolo tasting and didn’t even know it until after he stood up as the guest speaker. My learning curve and career would not be where they are today without Masnaghetti’s maps and I look forward to seeing what is next in store!


To check out his interactive virtual Barolo map, click on the site www.barolomga360.com and if you are one of our wine club members please contact me in private for more information.