We love supporting small wineries, and you can’t find much smaller in Barolo than Castrum Roche! Isacco makes just one wine, Langhe Nebbiolo (for now) and on some occasions will make a rose’ from grapes that may have been hit by hail for example. So who is Isacco and what is his story?


2.5 hectares total producing 6664 bottles his first year. The hamlet which is today called Torriglione in La Morra was cited in 1477 in an official document as Castrum Roche, meaning in Latin Castle in the Rocche. In The famous Barolo vineyard MGA Rocche Dell’Annunziata faces it and the old tower is still standing in this little country hamlet.

At present he is making only Langhe Nebbiolo and Rosato but will come out soon with his first Barolo. The wine is made with indigenous yeasts and just aged in stainless steel to express the typicity and character of the land.

ISACCO – One Man Show

Isacco had a vision from a young age, to make wine! He planted vineyards in his grandpa’s farm in 2014 while he was still at school. He was lucky to have those few hectares in La Morra ),land of Barolo!

He started selling the first grapes from his vineyard in Torriglione from 2017 – 2020 to neighbor Trediberri.

From 2020 on, he decided to finally make his own wine because he graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Viticulture ,and Oenology.

When Isacco started to make his own Langhe Nebbiolo, he officially named the winery Castrum Roche. What does that mean?


Torriglione is a beautiful vineyard facing the world famous Barolo site called Rocche dell Annunziata. Most of the exposures of this MGA are East to South-East with similar soils to Rocche but with more water availability. This gives the Nebbiolo a more intense color and character, a bit more rugged.According to Alessandro Masnaghetti’s Barolo MGAs Vol.1, Bartolo Mascarello used to write “Rocche di Torriglione” on some of their labels because the family was originally from this hamlet. Their vineyards though are technically in the bordering Rocche dell Annunziata and when these MGAs became official in 2010, their vineyard was declared in the Rocche dell Annunziata from then on. This was a similar case to Roberto Voerzio’s one time label in 2000 with Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata Torriglione. It will be interesting to see what Isacco’s Barolo from the official Torriglione will taste like!

*Reference – Barolo MGA Vol.1 , 3rd Edition Alessandro Masnaghetti

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