Produttori del Barbaresco is considered the best co-op and one of the highest quality producers of Barbaresco. They buy grapes from the 51 farmers who hold vineyards in the best sites in the village! The history dates back to the end of the 19th century when Domizio Cavazza, then head of the oenological school in Alba, founded the co-op by bottling the first wines in his castle and labeling them Barbaresco. Unfortunately the co-op was shut down during the wars and fascist period and re-established itself again in 1958. Today the winery produces about 550,000 bottles of barbaresco ( a small number compared to most co-ops) and is considered one of the best in the world. When PDB has an exceptionally great vintage (which is happening more and more often), they release 9 single cru Barbaresco. If you have instagram, make sure you check out my interview with Luca Cravanzola, manager and grower for Produttori del Barbaresco. The video can be found on @italiannawinetours IGTV channel.


Years like these don’t come around often. After the 2016 harvest there were grand expectations and we believe these have been met. It was a textbook vintage with no giant heat spikes or weather anomalies. The summer was dry with low humidity with bright sunny skies making tourists and winemakers both happy. The traditional harvest time in late October makes this a collector’s vintage, giving the Barbarescos an incredible aromatic intensity and complexity with ripe tannins and power.


Why you should buy this collection: With such great demand for the vintage 2016 and highly scored wines (average critic score approx. 96+ points) why wouldn’t you swipe these up! Also there is no better way to understand the characteristics of the grand crus of Barbaresco than by taking a coravin and tasting the crus side by side.

ASILI – Grand cru of Barbaresco which forms a type of bowl shaped vineyard known for wines with quintessential finesse blended with power in this vintage. Pure ripe fruit and extreme elegance. These are tempting to drink young but can be held as well. “It is an unforgettable wine”, Antonio Galloni 97 pts (VM)

MONTEFICO – All about the minerality! Nebbiolo here ripens slowly with nice fruit and integrated tannins but is always a bit tense. You can find beautiful flavors of herbs, minerals, tobacco in addition to the traditional roses and rich red fruit. “For readers who enjoy taut reds.” Antonio Galloni 98 pts (VM)

MONTESTEFANO – The Barolo of Barbaresco comes from steep slopes with soils high in calcium giving you power, structure yet in this vintage the voluptuous right red fruit hides the tannins quite well. A wine of magnificent depth with flavors of licorice, tobacco and menthol. Often the cru you need to hold longest. “This profound Barbaresco will thrill readers for years to come.” Antonio Galloni 98 pts. (VM)

MUNCAGOTA – Part of the Eastern less fertile soils with more calcium and clay giving more structure. Often find floral and fruit characteristics with darker fruits and spice in this 2016 vintage. Needs time 94+ pts. (VM)

OVELLO – One of the first single cru Barbarescos labeled from PDB which tends to exhibit strong angular tannins, medium body and tart red cherry fruit. For purists and traditional Nebbiolo lovers. Needs time. 97+ pts. (VM)

PAJE’ – The lowest altitude vineyard cru, closest to the river, also has high acid and quite pronounced tannins. In 2016 you can find dark fruits and spice which nicely integrate with the tannins. “In a word: impressive.” Antonio Galloni 96 pts. (VM)

PORA – On the southern side of the Barbaresco town, soils have a bit less calcium making them lighter and aromatic with delicate tannins. It is one of the crus closest to the river with slightly more fertile and less steep vineyards. This gives it very fruity aromas and makes it usually easier to drink however 2016 is an exception. This vintage brings a beguiling spiciness and irony earthiness making this a great wine to cellar for a few more years. 95 pts. (VM)

RABAJA’ – Grand cru of Barbaresco where the two ridges meet giving it a certain balance. It is a very representative style of Barbaresco with persistent tannins and high acid, elegant yet powerful with classic notes of roses and tar. So nuanced with striking beauty. “ I wish every young Vinous reader could taste this because it captures the essence of place and vintage with so much pedigree and so much class.” Antonio Galloni 98 pts. (VM)

RIO SORDO – On the sounthern side of Barbaresco town, similar to Pora, limestone soils with sandy veins give lighter aromatic wines easier to drink young. Darker flavors give way making this 2016 an exception. Instead of its usual easy going attitude, this is brooding with a serious force! 94 pts. (VM)


We feel so lucky to have our tiny wine allocation from Produttori del Barbaresco which we are thrilled to share and pass down to other wine lovers. Club Members will have a discounted price as well as customers who take on the “allocation” meaning they get their box every year as soon as it is released. We can ship till June and then from September on to avoid any problems with weather temperatures.