As many of you know, May is one of my favorite months in the year because of the awesome Friday night dinners called Barbaresco a Tavola.

The event is organized by the Enoteca Regionale di Barbaresco and the idea behind it is not to find favorites (like I am writing about haha!) but to get an overall idea of what the current Barbaresco vintage is all about! Each Friday has a set of new 21 wines yet on each night the numbers and wines are all the same so regardless of where you are eating on on date, the wines will be the same at all the restaurants so you can compare notes with other eating in different places! So fun!

We ate at the beautiful Tastè!


21 Barbarescos tasted blind with a full 5 course meal

Show up, sit down and get started! You will have two glasses in front of you and your numbered note sheet for scoring and tasting notes. You take your two empty glasses and go up to the banquet table where all the bottles are numbered and lined up.

Here you can ask for the numbers you want, go sit down, taste and get up again all at your own pace!

I try to go very fast because the fuller I get, the harder it is to taste. In any case, all the wines (except 2) were of really high quality!


1. Quazzolo 

Barbaresco 2020

When you taste blind, sometimes you can be embarrassed or disappointed in your favorite wine. This year I was ecstatic to find out that my good friend Danilo’s wine was my favorite! Quazzolo was in the first shipment in the history of the Barolo Wine Club and I happened to be wearing the earings he gave me with his doodle logo on them! It seemed like destiny and we congratulated him as we saw him roll up on his harley during dinner. He couldn’t believe we all loved his Barbaresco and thought we were playing a mean joke on him, but it was true!! The nose was so intriguing with black tea, spice, and floral notes with a very elegant body and long finish. Nice! A+

2. Orlando Abrigo

Barbaresco 2020 Meruzzano 

This one stood out for its stratospheric aromas that jumped right out at you! It definitely caught my attention – our whole table loved it!

Everything about it made me fall in love with it from its expressive red fruit and cherry nose, beautifully balanced and structured palate and long finish! A+

3. Molino

Barbaresco 2020 Teorema

I know nothing about this winery! How strange! But that is the fun part of this event! Now I will put them on my list to visit:)

I found this to have a more blue toned darker berry fruit with tea and incense and a hint of violet. Very interesting Barbaresco coming from two different towns, Treiso and San Rocco, half in big barrel and half in barrique! Consistent with its beautiful nose, palate and finish! B

4. Mustela

Barbaresco Meruzzano Karmico

I am a sucker for peppery wines and this is why I immediately was drawn to this Barbaresco out of the bunch.

The nose was almost like a strawberry pepper Pelaverga with floral notes. Very open just like the Abrigo favorite also coming from the same MGA cru.

Looks like I will have to explore this cru more in the future! B+


Many of the wines I loved, were actually from the high altitude village of Treiso. They had beautiful aromas, good grip yet not at all unpleasant or aggressive.

I think there is a wonderful balance going on here with this vintage which can make it ready to drink or also ageworthy. I am really looking forward to drinking more of these!