Rossese Bianco – A Rare White Grape Varietal in Langhe

When you think of Piemonte, you think of the big reds like Nebbiolo and Barbera. But what I find especially intriguing about Italy are the numerous undiscovered and rare varietals. Here in Langhe, Piemonte, we actually have a unique white wine varietal called Rossese Bianco.

You might be familiar with the Ligurian red wine Rossese di Dolceacqua which comes from the inland area near the French border. This must not be confused with Rossese Bianco which is actually a white wine. This grape has been traced to the Eastern part of Liguria, Cinque Terre yet found its way up to the bordering region, Piemonte.

It seems to have made a home in the Monforte and Roddino villages of the Barolo appellation where today just a handful of producers still make it! Because of its very small berries and lower yield than other popular grapes like Vermentino, in time it began to disappear.

We have chosen Giovanni Manzone’s Rossese Bianco DOC as one of the Spring 2021 selections for our “Every Day” Wine Pack. This label is an example of just one of the fun unknown wines you can find by joining our club. The Manzone family, basically brought this white varietal back from extinction in 1982 and worked hard with the University of Torino to prove that it merited the Langhe Rossese Bianco DOC in 2011. There are only a handful of producers in the Barolo area who make this unique grape and we hope you enjoy it!

What it is like in the glass:

Intense nose, fruity and floral with interesting notes of salty mineral flavors.

Have you ever tried this wine? Would you like to try it!?