Have you ever wanted to join an Italian Wine Club but don’t know which one or how it works? Luckily the “wine club” idea has taken off in Europe so Italian Wine Clubs are starting to pop up more and more. Being from Napa, California, this concept is nothing knew. I always dreamt of offering wine consumers a vast array of interesting varietals and wine stories coming straight from our region, Piemonte. Here in this article, I will talk about my story and the advantages of joining and Italian Wine Club.

In 2019 we started our Wine Club as a side business to our Italianna Wine Tours in Barolo and Barbaresco. Thank god because when we got slammed with Coronavirus, our 2020 travel business was totally wiped out! Now people can travel through our wine club by tasting the best the region has to offer and never get bored with repeat wines!

How Our Wine Club Started

There are so many small wineries in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas in Piemonte Italy! Just think that in Barbaresco alone (4 villages) the total production is around 5 million bottles. This sounds like a lot but in reality, it is the size of one big winery. Divide that 5 million bottles by nearly 200 wineries and you get an average size of a winery which would produce about 25,000 bottles (about 2,000 cases only). Now that you have this in perspective, you can understand why it can be so hard to choose which wines to drink and why your choices could be endless!

We LOVE visiting and supporting small family run wineries. Oftentimes you can not even find their wines quoted in magazines or online reviews or may have a hard time finding them outside of Italy. However, we don’t need points from Wine Spectator to confirm that the wines are great quality because we are lucky to judge them every day when out on wine tours.

We have personal relationships with the families and see firsthand, the care and hard work that goes into making each and every one of these wines. Luckily our clients love these small wineries and keep asking us for more!

In order to satisfy our clients when they were back home, we felt like an Italian Wine Club was the way to go! Being from Napa California, I have always been exposed to wine clubs and thought that was a great idea to bring to Italy!

Why You Should Join Our Italian Wine Club

With a plethora of small wineries, limited edition wine labels and even unique and rare local wine varietals, you will never get bored of these wines. The most common complaint about my friends’ wine clubs from wineries was that you eventually get repeats or some wines you are not interested in at all. In our Barolo Wine Club, you will not only get Barolo but all kinds of wines ranging from Sparkling to older vintages of Barolo & Barbaresco! It never gets old and we will never repeat a wine label! We are passionate about each and every label we choose for our members.

We value and support small wineries and businesses which may not have an easy time getting their foot in the door. We too are a small family run business. My husband Claudio and I take care of every aspect from wine tasting, selecting, wine materials, videos and personal wine shopping for you.

Tasting notes and videos are available to learn more about each and every wine! We are a small club with limited members because we would like to always guarantee unique and special labels from small wineries. We ship twice a year and love to send you fun surprises and new wines!

It is such a joy to be connected with the wine club members around the world and share our beautiful wines with them from Piemonte in this Italian wine club.  If you would like to learn more or sign up you can visit our web page www.barolowineclub.com  or check out instagram @barolowineclub / FB Barolo Wine Club.