There is such a long history and tradition in Barolo and if you were lucky to be part of a historical grape growing family, you could be blessed to carry on the tradition of making Barolo and Barbaresco. Nowadays, despite the rising prices of land, there is a new surgence of young winemakers in Barolo and Barbaresco. Perhaps they don’t even make Barolo yet and have to take baby steps to get to the prize.

This might mean sharing a cellar space with someone else, doing all the work themselves in the vineyard, producing just a few thousand bottles of wine and finding the right press to talk about you. Many youngsters have brought forth new ideas especially in farming partly because of their experiences abroad and also for having inquisitive minds and determination to prove themselves, here are a few of my favorites!



Isacco is a determined young man (see post here about him) from La Morra. He is producing just 1 Langhe Nebbiolo and 1 Rosato from Nebbiolo in some years. He is very determined and his grapes are facing Rocche Annunziata in La Morra in a MGA Torriglione and Boiolo.  The wines are made in just stainless steel an are very pure expressions of Nebbiolo. First Barolo will come out in 2026. Total Production: Just over 6,000 bottles


Alice and Cristina together with their father Bruno debuted their wines with their first Barolo vintage in 2018. It was one of the best examples from this vintage that I had tasted and in fact we featured it in one of our past wine club selections! It didn’t take long for Antonio Galloni to discover them on one of his trips to Piemonte because there was so much buzz about this producer from the locals.

After ordering at dinner, he made a surprise stop in and gave them soon after very high scores, making them one of the hottest new producers in the area. Their family used to sell grapes to a nearby winery but now they take the grapes these carefully manicured vines to make their own wines from Perno in Monforte d’Alba with a very traditional style. First Barolo 2018 Total production: Approx: 12,000 bottles Order here


Gian Luca Colombo has been a consultant for many years in the area but he makes his own low production bio dynamically farmed wine from his personal project. There is so much elegance and soul in these wines with his distinct touch. He is an intellectual, always studying and full of energy. We are so lucky to have his wines in our collection including one of the best Nebbiolo and Pelaverga that I have tasted. First Barolo 2016. Order here


Lara and Luisa are two charismatic young girls who made their dream come true. They started sharing a cellar with another young producer (see Stefano Porro below) in Serralunga. They do everything themselves and did not come from a winemaking family. In time they have acquired vineyards and a farmhouse in Monforte and released their first Barolo 2019 this last year. They flew. out of the cellar and of the shelves but we are lucky to have a bit of their Langhe Nebbiolo for now!  First Barolo 2019 Order here


Stefano came out with his first Barolo last year (vintage 2019) from a vineyard in Serralunga bordering Brovia’s Ca’ Mia on the Eastern facing slopes lesser known in Serralunga. I recently visited Stefano and was so impressed by the energy in these pure wines including his Nebbiolo and Barbera. These are pure and genuine wines and Stefano has a lot of heart. I am trying to get a few bottles of his wines ! First wine – Langhe Nebbiolo 2020 Total Barolo bottles: 500Order here



This movement all started with Philine. A sweet and extremely knowledgeable young German woman who brought all kinds of new ideas to the old way of thinking in Barolo. She is experimenting with different pruning methods and biodynamic ways of farming in this traditional land.

Her wines are our fastest selling and we can only get a few each year if we are lucky! She has risen to cult status very quickly! Never before have people wanted a Dolcetto or Chardonnay so bad! Currently sold out on our site but keep checking it goes fast. Order here


Tom from Cantina D’Arcy is Australian but has worked numerous harvests for some of the best wineries in the world, predominantly inspired in Burgundy. He along with Philine were really challenging the old ways of thinking and never took it for granted that they were in Barolo and would have no problem selling their wines. No, they wanted to study the BEST way to make Barolo and Tom is still not out yet with his first Barolo.


Federico and Giacomo Vaira have a to of experience working for other wineries and finally have come out with their range of wines: Controcorrente , a Nebbiolo wine with a Pinot like character that is coming from the rare rose’ clone.

Fuorizona is Nebbiolo just outside the Barolo area and their Barolo from Fossati will be released very soon. Almost all their wine was pre-sold and nearly impossible to find. We featured their first ever Controcorrente many years ago when it was just a side project in our Every Day Pack.


A real newcomer on the block is Cogli l’Attimo. Serena is a young girl whose family is from Novello, in the Barolo appellation. She always dreamed of making her own wine from their vineyards. Her family had always sold the grapes and while she chose a career in teaching languages, she still held onto that dream. Today Serena is finally taking on the project with the help of Sergio Molino as her consultant and making wines with lots of heart and soul!

She has an explosive character and a burning desire to learn. I immediately clicked with Serena and loved her wines. We met in a restaurant because she doesn’t even have a proper winery/tasting room yet! We are giving our wine club members the chance to be some of the first people in the world to taste her wines before she becomes famous;) We have chosen her unique rose’, easy for summertime drinking and a blend of Nascetta white and Nebbiolo red. Only 750 bottles of this were produced and sealed with wax!

We got her last 60 bottles of Langhe Nebbiolo which although is aged in stainless steel, has an important structure and character that we can’t wait to share with you! If you want to taste her wines – Please contact me or sign up for our Spring 2024 Every Day Wine selection. Her first Barolo from Sottocastello di Novello will be released this summer. Stay tuned! Contact me for more info