Women in the Langhe have always had an important role. Besides obviously taking care of the families and providing food on the table, the mothers and grandmothers were particularly good at tying the canes in the winter and of course picking grapes. Nowadays, Piemonte is full of fabulous winemakers and we are proud to have many who have been featured in our club! I would love to tell you about a few of them.


Nadia’s parents had a farm with livestock like so many families in the Langhe. Nadia graduated from University of Torino with a degree in Economy but was fascinated by the farm which was focusing more and more on the vineyards and wine making aspect. Also thanks to her uncle, Elio Altare, the family continued in this direction and Nadia felt inspired and hopped on the bandwagon in 2002.  With Nadia in charge, she added some newer winemaking techniques to the cellar and has strived to make her vineyards at the base of Arborina cru organic. With only a production of nearly 25,000 bottles, Nadia is bringing Curto winery up to a elevated status. We highly recommend trying her wines and visiting her cellar because you will always be greeted with a big warm smile (and her stylish glasses are always the best! Buy her La Foia Barolo 2013 here)


Chiara Boschis is one of the most influential women in Barolo. She branched out from her family’s winery Borgogno and opened her very own winery in a historical location down the street. She dreamt of creating her own boutique winery with Barolos that were crafted with utmost care, giving the market a wine that not only spoke of the terroir but was also approachable and elegant. She was part of the famous Barolo Boys as the only woman and travelled the world to promote Barolo and experiment with new winemaking techniques. I think she could be credited with helping put Barolo on the map! One of her greatest contributions was pushing local winemakers to follow her organic convictions. She played an extremely important role in going “green” in Barolo and making Cannubi an almost entirely organic winemaking district. Find her Mosconi Barolo 2016 here

Photo credit: Manuel Burgi


Marta and Carlotta had to fill the big shoes of their father Beppe “Citrico”, one of the wine world’s legends and they are doing just that! The girls have always been involved and were always in either the cellar or the vineyard getting their hands dirty every time I stopped by. I remember when I first visited the winery back in 2010, Marta already had a wisdom and confidence about her that so many her age did not and usually Carlotta was out in the vineyards! The two sisters are running the winery in such a beautiful way, balancing the traditional beliefs of their father while open to finding news ways to improve in the vineyards, never sitting on the heels of their family’s success. Today they are producing more beautiful wines than ever that speak the terroir that their father loved so much. See some from our collection in our shop here.



Maria Teresa is one of the most respected and important winemakers in Barolo and maybe even in the whole world! Carrying on the traditions of her father Bartolo and grandfather Giulio, was a huge responsiility. There is so much history related to this family and winery which dates back to 1919. It would need to dedicate an entire article to it! Whenever I see Maria Teresa she is exudes energy and strength, yet always taking the time to say hi and stay human. The wines are pure and speak not only the terroir but the vintage. Never following the “moda” or trends, they make just one Barolo in the “classic” style which comes from different vineyards without stressing the vines and co-fermenting the grapes together. Her dedication and hard work is to be admired!You can find special edition cases on our site here .

photo credit: Raphael Au



We are so proud to know these women and sell their wines through our club or our shop! Of course there are hundreds of strong and determined women in many of the family run wineries in Piemonte that deserve a huge amount of credit as they continue to be the backbone of the businesses!