The Brunate vineyard is predominately located in La Morra village but extends down the hill into the town of Barolo itself.  It has always been considered a “grand cru” and historical site for making ageworthy Barolos. You can also find the famous colorful chapel, locally called the Cappella di Brunate on the ridge of the vineyard. Let’s learn more about this site!


Unlike the large Ravera cru where the soils were quite different from plot to plot, Brunate’s soils are quite homogenous despite crossing over two different towns. Generally speaking, the soil is made up of calcium carbonates wth a high percentage of manganese, mixed clays and sand dating back to the Tortonian era.. 

Brunate is located on a steep slope ranging from 230 meters to approx. 400 meters altitude. It seems that the elevation is the real difference when comparing winery parcels from this cru. Most of the vineyards are facing full south which may be more sensitive to warmer vintages. 


  • Of course the Nebbiolo will change depending on the alititude and winemaker style coming from this vineyard site. However, the terroir here speaks strongly and this is one of the crus that would be easier to identify despite these differences.
  • Typically you will not find the common red fruit flavors and delicate nose of roses and citrus. Barolos from this cru will be round and supple but with decisive tannins. The flavors are more those of darker fruits and great depth.
  • Brunate may come from the word “brina” which means frost. 
  • This can be thought of as one of the more austere vineyard sites coming out of La Morra which is known more for elegant silky lighter Barolos.
  • Some important producers with plots of land in Brunate are: Giuseppe Rinaldi, Vietti, Oddero, Francesco Rinaldi, Voerzio and Cerretto. 

MARIO MARENGO – Barolo Brunate 2016

We have included various wines from Marengo winery in La Morra for our Barolo Wine Club selections. In our last shipment we selected the very special Barolo Brunate 2016. Mario Marengo is a very small winery with only approximately 3,100 cases total. The winery and knowlege in the vineyards has been passed down from generation to generation starting from 1899.

It is a family affair run by Marco and his wife Genny together with their son. Once thought of as a more modern style winery for their usage of primarily small French oak barriques, this actually can not be said since most casks are used and neutral. The choice for small casks called barrique is more common to find in La Morra but with their small production, makes the most sense for the cellar management.

The Marengos have 2 single cru Barolos, Brunate and Bricco Delle Viole. Although they are very close to one another and in neighboring villages, the Brunate is clearly expressing the darker more broading characteristics often found from this terroir. Some of their vines in this vineyard are over 80 years old! It is fermented in stainless steel and then aged for 24 months in casks. James Suckling gave this wine a whopping 97 points! If you are interested in tasting this bottle, please write us an email or check out our Brunate offer here below!


1 Marengo Brunate 16

1 Boggione Brunate 16

1 Giuseppe Rinaldi Brunate 15 


1 Marengo Barolo Brunate 16

1 Boggione Barolo Brunate 16

1 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Brunate 11